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Week 100 Results: Free For All

After much delay, here are the results for Week 100: Free For All! Thanks A LOT to everyone who submitted and partipated at mangaicontest up until now :D We really appreciate your interest and support..!

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Thanks again to all the iconists and voters who participated in this epicly epic final week, and keep on iconing manga..!
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Week 100 Voting: Free For All

It's time to vote, for the last time. We got a whopping 78 icons. That is not a typo. 78. What a great way to end..!

Voting is going to be a little different this time, due to the sheer amount of entries. You can vote for 6 of your favorite icons. There will also be 4 special categories: best use of color, best cropping, best typography, and most inventive. You are allowed to vote up to two icons for each special category.

You may also vote for the same icon twice. For example, you can vote for icon #131 for second place, as well as for best typography. If there are any questions, please ask..!

Please vote like this (or follow the template below):


98, 65, 55, 34, 65, 93
Best color: 88, 44 (optional for the second icon)
Best cropping: 66, 33 (optional for the second icon)
Best typography: 99, 84 (optional for the second icon)
Most inventive: 66, 33 (optional for the second icon)

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Note: Icon 15 was disqualified, due to it being submitted to two different icontest communities, that did not follow the same schedule as ours.

Voting will end on the 26th/27th of February, depending on how many votes we get.

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Just a reminder that icons due for Week 100: Free For All, should be in by 10 PM PST. THAT GIVES YOU 2 HOURS AND 40 MINUTES.. Please submit! It's the final challenge, so gogogogogogo. You can submit up to 4 icons. GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO.